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February spending

March 18th, 2015 at 12:00 pm

We're more than halfway through March, but since tracking my variable spending was one of my goals, I still want to post the results from February.

Automobile $103.45 (Jan: $63)
-- Gasoline $66.95 (Jan: $44)
-- Parking $36.50 (Jan: $19)
Cash $80.00 (Jan: $40)
Clothing $591.70 (Jan: $167)
Food $1576.83 (Jan: $1681)
-- Alcohol $50.69 (Jan: $0)
-- Groceries $986.08 (Jan: $1051)
-- Dining out $540.06 (Jan: $630)
Gifts $0 (Jan: $14)
Household $160.51 (Jan: $393)
Leisure $353.30 (Jan: $74)
Miscellaneous $225.44 (Jan: $111)
Personal care $207.92 (Jan: $807)
Total $3299.15 (Jan: $3350)

Overall, not much better than January. We spent less in some categories, but then just turned around and spent more in others. Personal care was much lower this month, but clothing and leisure were quite high.

I would like to be able to hire someone to come and clean our house twice a month, but to do that I will need to make room in the budget. I refuse to decrease the money that is going towards savings or draw from the Opportunity Fund money. So we will have to do better. It feels like March is going well so far, but I won't really know until I see the numbers. I thought February was going well, too!

Maybe I will check in with the March spending this week, at just over the half-way point for the month. Then, if it looks bad, we can still make adjustments by the end of the month.

1 Responses to “February spending”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Hoping you can adjust your budget here & there Smile

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